Women’s Cancer

Working Together, We Can Access the Cancer Treatments of Tomorrow, Today

At Cure Forward, our goal is to connect you to the advanced cancer treatments found in clinical research trials. These trials can be incredibly difficult to find and access. And with thousands of potential treatment options out there, the process can quickly become overwhelming.

So we’ve built a platform to change all that.

Working together, we can help you access leading edge cancer treatments.

When you register, you are immediately partnered with a Clinical Trial Navigator. This cancer professional works with you and your physician to compile all of your medical information, including a molecular profile, in one place, and helps you through the matching process.

Your patient profile is matched against all available trials. All matches are reviewed by oncologists and/or geneticists to identify any active clinical research trial options for you, your physician, and your care team to consider.

Lastly, your patient profile is presented to research physicians at clinical research trials for final review. Your Clinical Trial Navigator then works with you and your team on final clinical and logistical steps.

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