Who We Help

Who We Help

We connect cancer patients and their care teams to advanced cancer treatment options that can be found in clinical research trials, the leading edge of precision medicine and immuno-oncology. These trials can be incredibly difficult to find and access and with thousands of potential treatment options out there, the process can quickly become overwhelming for both patients and their physicians.

We at Cure Forward do not practice medicine.

We are a service founded and powered by oncologist/geneticists and technologists to help identify and review clinical research trials for patients and their care teams, at no cost to them.

Cancer Patients

At Cure Forward, we want to make it easier for patients to access relevant, active trials that may be the next best step in their care.  Working directly with patients and their physicians, Cure Forward helps patients build a clinical profile necessary for identifying trial options. We then partner through every step of accepting and participating in a clinical trial. Whether you’re actively looking for trials or looking to discover future options, Cure Forward wants to help.


We understand that cancer touches more than the individual. A recent survey from the National Caregiving Alliance indicated that about 3 million Americans are taking care of a family member with cancer – providing vast amounts of physical, logistical, psychological, and emotional support. Our Clinical Trial Navigators work directly with caregivers, recognizing them as a core team member and representative of their loved one. Our team will work to help build the patient’s profile with you and work together with the patient and their care team to review clinical trial options.

Physicians and Care Teams

A wave of innovation is here – research and discovery move so fast with hundreds of potential treatments in development right now. At Cure Forward, we help you identify and evaluate clinical trial options for your patients. Our platform is designed to allow physicians to work with our Clinical Trial Navigators to help identify trial options for your patient.  They will work with you and your patients to build robust clinical profiles inclusive of medical information, personal preferences, and molecular data (when applicable) for review by clinical trial investigators. If a trial is identified, you can review this option with your patient and determine the next best step.

Clinical Trial Recruiters

We want to help more patients get involved in trials to accelerate regulatory approval for new therapies. Our multi-sided platforms provide a meaningful, actionable way to accelerate clinical trial recruitment by creating robust clinical patient profiles inclusive of medical information, personal preferences, and molecular data (when applicable) to create relevant, active patient-trial matches.

Clinical Trial Investigators

Enrolling deserving patients into clinical research trials can be a slow, inadequate process. Receiving outside requirement referrals can introduce unreliable results and ultimately lead to unfulfilled trials and longer wait times for leading edge therapies making it to the market. With Cure Forward, you can relay on our end-to-end process with motivated, pre-qualified patient referrals you can trust.