We’re making clinical trials better.

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Cure Forward is a transparent marketplace connecting participating trials with qualified, activated patients

Clinical trials today are inefficient. 

Motivated patients lack expertise in finding trials, while their doctors lack the time.

We’re getting more people involved in clinical trials, so they can access transformational therapies and bring new treatments to market more quickly.

How it works.

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We’re creating a marketplace that makes sense.

We’re changing everything by applying market-based principles to fill clinical trials. In doing so, we can offer trial sponsors better performance at a lower cost than today’s model.

Is this expensive?

Finding patients can be time-consuming and costly. Cure Forward is designed to change that. We try to price credits and searches to ensure there is always savings compared to the status quo and we will work with you to be sure you get a good value.

We price on value.

Some patients are harder to find than others, so some search criteria will cost more credits than others. We do this to ensure you don’t overpay for common attributes.

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