Patient Stories

Fighting cancer is a personal journey. At Cure Forward, we understand the emotional, physical and mental hurdles that are a part of this process. Our team consists of survivors, caregivers and oncology professionals who not only work to help others but have lived it themselves.

Below are some of the stories we have collected. They are real stories of hope, struggles, and ultimately, survivorship.

Bryce Olson stage 4 metastic prostate cancer

Meet Bryce

Bryce Olson
Portland, OR

Words to Live By

Get sequenced! I say the same thing to everybody with advanced cancer who hasn’t tried this yet.

Meet Linda

Linda McCulloch
San Francisco, CA

Words to Live By

I’m thriving, I sleep through the night, I go to yoga, I cook in the kitchen, I do I do I do I do, for as long as I can.

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