At Cure Forward, we believe every patient should be the driver of his or her care.

We provide the tools that will help you understand the science behind your cancer and allow you to put that information to use. Our process is simple and enables you to explore the treatment options that are relevant for your care.

Three Easy Steps

Your DNA could hold the cure for your cancer.
Put your DNA to use in our Clinical Trial Exchange.

Cure Forward's Process for Matching Clinical Trial Recruiters with Cancer Patients

Step 1: Access Your Genomic Data

If you have received molecular profiling, be sure to ask for a copy of your report when you meet with your doctor to review your results. You will need the printed or electronic report.

Make sure you have copies of your most recent information. Although past molecular profiling can be helpful, you want the most up-to-date results from your molecular profile in order to explore all your options for treatment.

If you have been tested by one of the labs in our network, you can get started to easily retrieve your results.

If you have been tested with a lab not currently in our network, we can help you obtain your results. Not sure if your lab is in our network? Explore our diagnostic test providers.

If you have your data report, you can get started to manually upload it.

If you wish to get tested, get the broadest test possible. The deeper you look in your DNA, the better chance you may have of uncovering data that could lead to new treatment paths or trials. You might start by looking at our partner directory and talking to your physician.

We will help you retrieve it so you can put it to use. In the US, receiving your data is your legal right. You can request it in any form and format that works for you. The Office of Civil Rights takes your right to your data seriously.

Make the request.

We’ll help you generate a letter you can send to your test provider, asking for your test data in a usable format.

Assert your rights.

If you don’t receive your data quickly, we’ll help you generate a second letter reminding them that it is your legal right.

Submit a complaint.

If after a second request, you don’t receive your data, we will help you issue a complaint to the OCR.

Molecular test data is more comprehensive in revealing certain options that are otherwise unavailable to you, including certain clinical trials. However, you can still use Cure Forward without molecular data.

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