Rare Cancer Treatments

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Genomic Sequencing

Why is Molecular Profiling Important for Rare Cancer Patients?

Cancer is a disease caused by “mutations” inside your cells. Molecular profiling examines your entire set of DNA and identifies these mutations. For rare cancers, this profile is especially important. A molecular profile could identify targeted therapies for your type of cancer, or specific mutation.

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Our Clinical Trial Exchange is a matchmaking service that connects cancer patients with precision medicine to access targeted therapies and advanced treatments that may be best suited for their care. If you’re seeking rare cancer clinical trials, it can be a very difficult process to find them on your own. Our Clinical Trial Exchange will bring the trials to you. No more searching.

Cancer Testing

Are there Clinical Trials for Patients with Rare Cancers?

It can be challenging to conduct clinical studies for a specific type of rare cancer because there are so few patients and current regulations do not allow for studies in such small populations. Fortunately, rare cancer patients with a genetic mutation may qualify for clinical trial studies called “basket studies” that test therapies targeted to a specific mutation common in multiple cancer types.  These studies are an opportunity for patients with rare cancers to join a larger study and help in the search for a cure.

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