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We match cancer patients with clinical trials based on their DNA. 

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The true definition of “rare cancer” is challenging because it can be defined in different ways- it can be a cancer that is in an unusual location, a cancer that is a subtype of a more common cancer but rarely diagnosed, or a type that is just not very common (such as GIST-gastrointestinal stromal tumor). Rare cancer is defined in the US as a cancer that occurs in less than 15 people out of 100,000 each year and of those with rare cancers, about 1 out of 3 have a very rare type (1 out of 100,000).  What is surprising is that rare cancers actually represent more than 20% of all cancer diagnoses, making them as a category, the most common.

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Why Cure Forward?

When you’re seeking rare cancer clinical trials, it can be hard to find trials that might be a good match.

Through our Clinical Trial Exchange, Cure Forward collects data on clinical trials and studies from multiple sources making it easier to find all the options, including basket trials, that are available for you or your loved one. We work directly with clinical trial recruiters to help bring current, active studies directly to you.

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Why Should I Consider Clinical Trials as an Option?

Searching for clinical trials can be a very difficult and confusing process. Scientific research and discovery move so fast for some cancers that the treatment under clinical trials may be better than the current standard treatment. Clinical trial participants can be the first to benefit from these new treatments. If you or someone you love has cancer, you need to know all of your options.

Our Patient Guides are here to help you find personalized treatment options.

Cancer Patient Guide Oncologist Andrew Biankin

Andrew Biankin
Residential Oncologist

What is a Cure Forward Patient Guide?

Cure Forward Patient Guides are oncologists and cancer professionals who understand the science and emotional experience of cancer. We are real people, who are here to help.

Our goal is to use our knowledge and firsthand experience to help you understand and identify cancer treatment options that you may not have found on your own. This service is no cost to you.

Cancer Patient Guide Alicia Staley

Alicia Staley
3 Time Cancer Survivor

Why Do I Need A Cure Forward Patient Guide?

Being diagnosed with cancer is an overwhelming experience. It is hard to make sense of all that is racing through your mind. This is where a Patient Guide can help.

We will partner with you to determine your next step. Whether it be standard treatment, molecular profiling, a clinical trial – we will help you pursue whatever is right for you.

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