Lung Cancer

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Genomic Sequencing

What is Molecular Testing?

Molecular testing examines your entire set of DNA as a whole. This information can be used to identify targeted therapies that are more likely to work for specific cancer types. It’s sometimes called tumor sequencing, tumor profiling, or genomic sequencing.

Cancer Testing

How Can These Tests Help for Lung Cancer?

Research and drug discovery move so fast. It’s important that you know all your options. For example, a receptor on lung cancer cells called epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) lead to the development of some of the first targeted drugs. By identifying gene mutations, such as EGFR and ROS1, proteins, or other molecules, these tests can help your doctor craft a personalized treatment plan for your unique form of cancer. They can also help you explore your treatment options with more clarity. Cure Forward uses your test results to match you to clinical trials with a better chance of success.

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Why Cure Forward?

Whether you’re seeking information about lung cancer clinical trials or studies related to some other form of cancer, it can be hard to find trials that might be a good match. We want to help. Cure Forward is the first online matching service that connects cancer patients with precision medicine, so they can access the targeted therapies and advanced treatment that may be best suited for their care.

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