Breast Cancer

Clinical Trials can open up your options for accessing breakthrough cancer treatments

Get started with Cure Forward and our Clinical Trial Navigators will work with you and your care team to access targeted therapies and advanced treatments that may be found through our free clinical trial matching service.

Cancer Testing

How Can These Tests Help for Breast Cancer?

Research and drug discovery move so fast. It’s important that you know all your options. For example, a receptor on breast cancer cells called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) lead to the development of some of the first targeted drugs. By identifying genetic mutations, such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, proteins, or other molecules, these tests can help your doctor craft a personalized treatment plan for your unique form of breast cancer. They can also help you explore your treatment options with more clarity and precision. Cure Forward uses your test results to match you to clinical trials with a better chance of success.

Genomic Sequencing

Why Should I Consider Clinical Trials as an Option?

Scientific research and discovery move so fast for some cancers that the treatment under clinical trials may be better than the current standard treatment. Clinical trial participants can be the first to benefit from these new treatments.


Cancer Patient Guide - Paul Beard

Paul Beard
Clinical Trial Navigator

What is a Cure Forward Clinical Trial Navigator?

Cure Forward Clinical Trial Navigators are cancer professionals who understand the difficulties of finding leading-edge cancer treatments. Get started and yours will help you find active clinical trial options.

Our goal is to use our knowledge and firsthand experience to help you access advanced cancer treatments found in clinical research trials. This service is no cost to you.

Cancer Patient Guide Alicia Staley

Alicia Staley
3 Time Cancer Survivor

Why Do I Need A Cure Forward Clinical Trial Navigator?

Clinical Trials are difficult to find, it can be frustrating and overwhelming. This is where a Cure Forward Clinical Trial Navigator can help.

We will partner with you to navigate the process of finding a trial and help you use your cancer’s DNA to discover options you may not have found on your own.

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