Clinical Trial Exchange

There are many ways to find clinical trials.

You could search the national database of registered trials at, ask your doctor, or answer an advertisement. Finding trials this way can be frustrating. Online resources can be difficult to navigate, and sometimes it is difficult to determine if a trial is actively recruiting.

Cure Forward simplifies the process with our Clinical Trial Exchange – a free service for patients

Making it easier for patients

 The Clinical Trial Exchange is a matchmaker service, connecting patients and trial recruiters based on the information that patients post and the search criteria that trial sponsors set up in our system. When you choose to post to the Clinical Trial Exchange, you instantly make your molecular and clinical criteria, plus your location preferences, available to all recruiting trials. Trial recruiters receive notifications when patients that might fit their study post to the exchange, and send invitations to those that meet the needs of their trial. Clinical trial recruiters only see de-identified information – they’ll never be able to see any information that could reveal your identity. As a patient, you only hear from trials that are actively recruiting and actively interested in you.

More than half of cancer treatment trial sites fail to enroll a single patient, and it often takes two to three years to fill a biomarker-targeted trial. This slows the pace of medical advancements. It’s also very expensive. Trials set up many sites, and many of oncology trial sites fail to accrue even a single patient.

Today, trials have to wait for patients to find them. With the Clinical Trial Exchange, trial recruiters have direct visibility to patients that could be a match. We are making it possible for more patients and trials to find each other.

 Clinical Trials desperately need patients

Cure Forward keeps your data safe

We know that medical information, including molecular test results, is sensitive information. We have worked with patients and experts, including experts in HIPAA (the US law protecting the privacy of health information) to make sure our secure data system meets all applicable regulations, as well as the needs of our users.

Personally identifiable information is never posted to the Clinical Trial Exchange – only your location preferences and the medical information you choose to provide is posted. Only qualified clinical trial recruiters are able to access the data in a posted profile. If you decide to accept a trial invitation, during the process we will ask for your permission before introducing you to the designated contact for that clinical trial.

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