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We match cancer patients with clinical trials based on their DNA.

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Clinical Trials

What does Cure Forward do and what does it mean for me?

Cure Forward is the first online matching service that connects cancer patients with precision medicine, so they can access the targeted therapies and advanced treatments that may be best suited for their care.

We can provide you information about genomic mutations and their role in your cancer as well as access to clinical trials you may never have found.

Genomic Sequencing

What is molecular testing and why do I need it?

Molecular testing examines your entire set of DNA as a whole. It’s sometimes called tumor sequencing, tumor profiling or genomic sequencing.

This testing can sometimes find specific weaknesses in your tumor’s defenses that can be targeted with specialized therapies. Doctors can help craft a precision medicine plan that responds to your unique form of cancer. For some cancers and certain individuals, clinical trials may offer the best treatment available.

Cancer Testing

I’m a cancer survivor, what does Cure Forward offer me?

Surviving cancer is a journey, we know you know that better than anyone. In addition to providing access to targeted clinical trials, we strive to share information and education to those in any state of the cancer journey. Following our blog, Always Forward, will keep you up to date as news, stories and tips are posted.

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