Liza Bernstein

Meet Liza Bernstein

Liza Bernstein Precision Medicine Advocate

Liza Bernstein is a three-time Cancer Survivor who uses Twitter and social media to extend her patient advocacy work by helping others become engaged/empowered patients and partners in their own care. She is a frequent contributor to and influencer of leading global healthcare tweetchats and conferences, in particular, the #BCSM (Breast Cancer Social Media) Twitter chat.  A former member of the Stanford Medicine X Conference’s Executive Board and a founding Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar, Liza has consulted and given talks internationally on topics including Dignity; Patient-Centered Design; Mental Health and Cancer; and Social Media and Patient/Physician Relationships.

Liza’s international background and experience in the arts fuel her passion for connecting and collaborating across vastly differing cultures, languages and silos. She can be found on Twitter and on her blog.

Liza joined the Cure Forward Precision Medicine Advocates Program in July 2016.

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