Precision Medicine Advocates Team

Meet the Cure Forward Precision Medicine Advocates

The Precision Medicine Advocates Team at Cure Forward is enabling and empowering the next generation of Patient Advocates to become champions of cancer research, clinical trial awareness, open data access, and genomic oncology principles. The Cure Forward Precision Medicine Advocates are dedicated to strengthening the delivery of precision medicine and clinical trials information, building actionable learning practices, and helping patients find the best treatment options for their cancer care. We believe that our Precision Medicine Advocates play a vital role in launching a sustained and informative conversation about the importance of clinical trials and precision medicine treatment options.

The Cure Forward Precision Medicine Advocates are recognized leaders in the cancer community. Covering topics like precision medicine and molecular testing, the Precision Medicine Advocates help patients become active participants in the treatment decision making process by providing education, resources, and support for navigating the complex landscape of cancer care and clinical trials. They are an authentic and trusted resource for patients.

The Precision Medicine Advocates Team

Alicia Staley Patient Advocacy Manager

Alicia Staley

Alicia Staley is the Patient Advocacy Manager at Cure Forward. She directs the Precision Medicine Advocates team and works with the Clinical Trial Navigators to help cancer patients find clinical trials based on the patient’s molecular and personal profile. Helping cancer patients use social media and social networks to build powerful relationships with their care teams is her primary focus. Stop by the Cure Forward Facebook page to connect with her. She joined Cure Forward in January 2016. Learn more about Alicia.

Cindy Chmielewski Precision Medicine Advocate

Cynthia Chiemlweski

Cynthia was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, in 2008. At that time, her life took on a new direction. Cindy’s induction therapy stopped working after a few cycles and she proceeded with a stem cell transplant which failed to put her into remission. Depressed and scared, she continued her fight using newly FDA-approved targeted therapies. Cynthia continues treatment with a maintenance protocol. Learn more about Cynthia.

Liza Bernstein Precision Medicine Advocate

Liza Bernstein

Liza Bernstein is a three-time cancer survivor who uses Twitter and social media to extend her patient advocacy work by helping others become engaged, empowered patients who are partners in their own care regime. She is a frequent contributor and influencer of leading global healthcare TweetChats and conferences. Learn more about Liza.

Jamie Holloway Precision Medicine Advocate

Jamie Holloway

Jamie Holloway is a both a scientist and a survivor, earning her PhD in tumor biology from Georgetown University a few years before her own breast cancer diagnosis. Now living with no evidence of disease after treatment for early stage triple negative breast cancer, she bridges the gap between scientists and researchers as a Precision Medicine Advocate. Learn more about Jamie.

Charlie Blotner Precision Medicine Advocate

Charlie Blotner

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 13, Charlie abided by the watch-and-wait tactic for nearly five years before having an awake-craniotomy to remove a grade II Astrocytoma in the left insula at age 17. A Michigan native now residing in Arizona, Charlie is a senior at Arizona State University. Read more about Charlie.

Casey Quinlan Precision Medicine Advocate

Casey Quinlan

Casey covered her share of medical stories as a TV news field producer, then got a breast cancer diagnosis five days before Christmas in 2007. In addition to her ongoing work as a journalist, she’s a popular speaker on healthcare system transformation from the ground up. Learn more about Casey.

Dave Bjork Precision Medicine Advocate

Dave Bjork

Dave Bjork is a lung cancer survivor who was diagnosed when he was 34 years old. He has spent the past 15 years advocating for patient education and cancer research. He connects individuals, businesses, academic institutions and other key influencers to forge strong partnerships in the fight against cancer. Learn more about Dave.

About Cure Forward

Cure Forward is here to help patients and their caregivers access and understand clinical trials. We are the first online matching service that connects cancer patients with precision medicine clinical trials, so they can access the targeted therapies and advanced treatment they may not have found on their own.

Cure Forward is free of charge to caregivers, patients and their care team. We are able to provide this free service as our Clinical Trial Navigators focus on building robust profiles to ensure patients gain access to the clinical trial options that match their needs and clinical trial recruiters are able to fill their research studies so that cutting edge targeted therapies are available in market for all patients who need them.

Interested in becoming a Precision Medicine Advocate?

We are currently growing our advocacy team with key patient advocates.  Learn more about this role and reach out today.

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