Matching to a Clinical Trial

Matching to a Clinical Trial

Finding a clinical trial that matches your medical information and personal preferences can be difficult. Our Clinical Trial Navigators are experts in the challenging logistics of health care who will help you through the entire process of finding and enrolling in a clinical trial.

When you get started with your Cure Forward Clinical Trial Navigator, you can expect to complete and collect the following information:
Cancer Testing

Step 1: Cure Forward Patient Authorizations

Signing the Cure Forward Patient Authorization forms allows you and your Clinical Trial Navigator to enter medical information into your profile and to share your de-identified clinical information with trial recruiters.

Genomic Sequencing

Step 2: Medical Record Release

Signing the Medical Record Release form allows Cure Forward to obtain necessary clinical information from the Records Department of your treating facility. This will include your history & physical report, last doctor’s visit note, and so on.

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Step 3: Molecular Profiling Report

If you have already had “genomic” or “genetic” or “molecular” testing of your cancer, this report will be obtained during the medical records request. If you have not had such testing, we encourage you to ask your doctor to order such a “sequencing” test. We can help you to identify an appropriate testing lab for a price you can afford. Please note, Cure Forward does not take any fees or participate in the financial aspects of this or any other laboratory testing. Depending on your particular situation, this genomic testing can increase your chances of finding an appropriate clinical trial for your medical and personal history.

Your Clinical Trial Navigator will partner with you and your care team to create a robust clinical profile inclusive of your medical history, personal preferences and molecular profile results (when applicable). Your Cure Forward profile is an important part of posting to our Clinical Trial Exchange – our matching platform that connects you and your care team to the most relevant clinical trial options.

Learn more about Cure Forward’s Clinical Trial Exchange here.