How to Get Tested

How to Get Tested

Cure Forward Patient Guides will work with you to help you find a lab, identify a test and navigate payment where possible.

How the Tests Work

For solid tumors, there are three strategies – test the tumor, test the tumor and normal tissue, or test cells or DNA that are circulating in the blood. If the tumor is accessible by surgery (resection, biopsy, or needle biopsy), the tumor itself can be tested.

Your physician can work with your surgical team to pre-arrange strategies for handling your tissue to optimize your test results.

All blood cancer tests are a liquid biopsy, requiring a blood draw. Molecular diagnostic tests need to be ordered by your physician. You can speak with your doctor about testing options, using this information as a reference to discuss what type of testing might be right for you, and to find a suitable test provider.

How do I Pay for Molecular Profiling?

Many of our partner labs will work directly with your insurance to obtain full or partial payment. They are dedicated to providing molecular profiling services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay so many also offer patient assistance programs on a case-by-case basis. When you join Cure Forward, our Clinical Trial Navigators will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

Cure Forward has partnered with Diagnostic Labs across the US to allow you to easily get tested and access your medical information. You Clinical Trial Navigator will work with you and one of our partner labs to help make it easier to use your data to uncover treatment options.

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