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Working Together, We Can Help Patients Access the Cancer Treatments of Tomorrow, Today.

At Cure Forward, our goal is to empower cancer patients and their physicians to uncover the advanced treatments found in clinical research trials, the leading edge of precision medicine and immuno-oncology. These trials can be incredibly difficult to find and access. And with thousands of potential treatment options out there, the process can quickly become overwhelming for both patients and their physicians.

Working together, we can help you and your patients access leading edge cancer treatments.

Upon registering, your patient is partnered with a personal Clinical Trial Navigator. This cancer professional works with you and your patient to create a profile based on all clinical, personal, and molecular data.

The Clinical Trial Navigator uses your patient’s profile to help uncover and identify any active and relevant clinical research options for you and your patient to evaluate.

Your patient is extended one or more invitations to a trial. Upon their acceptance, the patient’s full profile is conveyed to the site investigator.

We at Cure Forward do not practice medicine.

We are a service founded and powered by oncologists, geneticists, and technologists to help identify and review clinical research trials for you to consider with your patients, at no cost to them or you.

Cure Forward does not treat cancer or provide treatment advice to cancer patients.

There are no costs to patients or physicians.

Cure Forward does not offer analysis, testing, or interpretation of the data.

Cure Forward does not market to patients based on their health data and does not utilize any identifiable information for commercial purposes.

The information that we provide is designed to help patients expand their knowledge and put them closer to practical options that can be discussed with their physician.

Working together, we can help you and your patients access leading edge cancer treatments.

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