The protocol for ordering a molecular profiling test at Cure Forward will be familiar.

You can order from the provider of your choice. The results will be delivered to you to assess with your patient.

Research is moving fast.

Descriptions of genetic details are overwhelming. 

Searching for clinical trials and researching genes drains resources.

This is why we created Cure Forward.

As a caregiver there are mounting challenges to providing the best care to match each patient’s individual needs. Patients are coming to you ready for an informed conversation about available testing and treatment strategies.

With Cure Forward, your patients learn about precision medicine, molecular tests and explore our directory of leading diagnostic test providers.

Icon for posting genomic data to Clinical Trial Exchange


Use their genetic information to post themselves to our clinical trial exchange — trials can find them and invite them to apply.

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Connect with others who share their molecular profile and share experiences

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Learn and share information on their specific genetic mutations

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