Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer

Location: Boston, MA

We are looking for a Salesforce (SFDC) Developer to help us design, implement, and roll-out the integration of Cure Forward’s application modules with Salesforce Health Cloud. The initial project will require a contract of 2-4 months, with the potential for follow-on contract work. Ideally, you will work onsite at the Cure Forward office near South Station in Boston, alongside our team of wicked smart Engineers, Product Developers, and Clinical Operations personnel.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Work with our team to define and configure Salesforce Health Cloud application service
  • Write custom VisualForce pages as necessary
  • Implement bidirectional integration with Cure Forward APIs
  • Configure Accounts, Cases and other entities
  • Configure tasks and events to include custom fields and pick lists
  • Implement workflow rules and necessary events
  • Implement reports and dashboards, potentially including Salesforce Wave Analytics and exposing other analytics solutions in Salesforce Health Cloud to drive insights
  • Deliver hands-on training sessions on the use of Salesforce
  • Deliver administrator training session

About You

  • 3+ years of practical Salesforce and Salesforce Health Cloud development experience
  • Passionate about workflow and case management best practices
  • Deep experience in translating business requirements and processes into the Salesforce domain
  • Extensive track record configuring Salesforce roles, workflows, tasks, etc.
  • Strong understanding of Salesforce APIs and proficiency in integrating them with other systems via REST
  • A skilled programmer with a history of Salesforce integrations in multiple tech stacks
  • Proven track record with excellent references in delivering successful Salesforce implementations

About Cure Forward

Why don’t patients know how to access the breakthrough advances being made by genomic medicine? Why can’t we use technology to transform how people access the service that matters most — cancer treatment?

These are the questions that kept us up at night.

Cure Forward is the vision of a small team in Boston, MA. We want to create a platform to connect patients with clinical trials, bringing the possibilities of precision medicine directly in reach. A way to use the best of technology to help people diagnosed with life-altering disease discover all their options. We want to make it easy for patients to understand the root cause of their conditions and put the knowledge to work.

We felt making this happen was worth staying up all night.

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