Patient Support Representative

Patient Support Representative

Location: Cambridge, MA

Position Overview

Cure Forward is an online platform for precision medicine, in which treatment is tailored to a person’s unique disease. We help cancer patients get their data, understand it, and find answers. At Cure Forward, people become “citizen scientists”, working closely with their doctors to explore treatment options including clinical trials. The platform includes a unique clinical trial exchange that works like a matchmaking service, where the patients receive invitations from trials that are interested in them. The platform is in beta, and we are ramping commercialization in 2016.


We are experiencing a rapid influx of patients on our system, and they often need a helping hand. To make sure our patients and their family caregivers have a productive and positive experience, we are establishing a patient support team. Individuals on this team will answer users’ questions about precision medicine, assist users in obtaining their test data, and provide high touch service to help every patient find clinical trial opportunities.


The Patient Support Representative position is an opportunity for someone with a background in health care or clinical research to help more people access precision medicine, as a part of a fast-growing team that is already beginning to make a difference in patients’ lives.

Principal Responsibilities

Patient Support Representatives will be responsible for supporting patients and family caregivers in their use of the Cure Forward platform. Key activities will include:

  • Responding to inquiries that arrive through the Cure Forward website or email.
  • Precision medicine questions – how to find a test, how to enroll in trials, how to discuss with your doctor, and so on.
  • Technical questions – assisting users through steps of the process,
  • Documenting consumer interactions to establish a knowledge bank
  • Documenting system defects (bugs or design errors) when they appear, to assist in continuous improvement of the Cure Forward website
  • Identifying frequently asked questions (FAQs) to be addressed in the Cure Forward website
  • Participate in the development and deployment of knowledge systems and patient relationship management tools for better patient engagement
  • Proactive outreach to Cure Forward subscribers, to assist them in moving through the steps toward finding precision medicine treatment options or clinical trials.

Key Selection Factors

A successful Patient Support Representative candidate will possess the following skills and attributes:

  • At least 3 years assisting individuals in health care or clinical research settings
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Experience, or at least domain knowledge, in precision medicine and/or clinical trials is highly desired
  • Empathy, patience, and positivity
  • A start-up mindset: genuine interest in working with all parts of the team and flexing to new responsibilities to accomplish goals in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment

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