Head of Product Management

Location: Cambridge, MA

Position Overview

Cure Forward is an online platform for precision medicine, in which treatment is tailored to a person’s unique disease. We help cancer patients and their care teams get their data, understand it, and find answers. At Cure Forward, people become “citizen scientists”, working closely with their doctors to explore treatment options including clinical trials. The platform includes a unique clinical trial exchange that works like a matchmaking service for trials, where the patients receive invitations from trials that are interested in them. The platform is in beta, and we are ramping commercialization in 2016.


We are currently seeking a Head of Product Management who can drive and execute product direction. This person will build upon our beta product through continuous improvements and feature expansion. They’ll make sure that our product delivers on our marketing value promise and that it is usable and accessible to our B2B and B2C audiences.  Our pipeline is deep and rich with opportunity to make the current product better, to add functionality, and to pivot to other therapeutic areas and geographic markets. A successful candidate will have the ability to be extremely strategic and visionary, but also to perform daily development activities such as user story development and interaction with our tech developers.


This position reports directly to the CEO, and is an opportunity for someone with a background in health care or Internet product development to execute through and beyond a significant launch at a highly regarded startup that is already beginning to make a difference in patients’ lives.

Principal Responsibilities

The Head of Product Development will be responsible for assembling and managing internal and external resources to realize product vision. Key activities will include:

  • Define feature roadmap for sustained strategic leadership for the Cure Forward platform.
  • Lead user experience design. Ensure a vibrant, empathetic experience that is in keeping with the Cure Forward brand and value proposition.
  • Serve as the product owner. Translate vision and product concepts to development through clear user stories and designs. This will require hands-on user story development for some time.
  • Gather user input throughout development process, including prototype reviews, user experience testing, and post-launch surveillance. Drive product improvements based on research findings.
  • Collaborate closely with technical team to ensure that product designs and user stories are successfully implemented and tested.
  • Shape and grow the product to enable company expansion into new lines of business, international markets, and new therapeutic areas beyond cancer.
  • Prioritize and sequence feature development to operate within budget and time constraints.
  • Own all design and creative development, including the choice and management of designers, illustrators or other content creators.
  • Oversee content and copy development, internally and through partners, to achieve vision through developed assets, including guides or templates for content, language, tone, and style throughout the Cure Forward platform.
  • Participate in executive meetings within Cure Forward and presentations to potential investors and partners.

Key Selection Factors

A successful Head of Product Management candidate will possess the following attributes:

  • 10+ years of successful product development in health care and Internet.
  • Career progression including demonstrated success in technical product development, moving toward oversight of product strategy and product management.
  • Experience in health care, precision medicine, clinical trials, and/or genomics is a strong plus. Domain knowledge will help you succeed in this role.
  • Creative visual thinker. This person is not just writing requirements; they are envisioning an emotionally compelling and intuitive experience for both B2B and B2C users.
  • Superb communication skills, both verbal and written. A demonstrated ability to convey complex concepts in clear and concise language.
  • Confident, poised professional presence and communication skills to accomplish goals through engaging and influencing others.
  • A start-up mindset: genuine interest in working at all levels to accomplish goals in a fast-paced, lean, unstructured, and entrepreneurial environment.
  • Compassion and empathy, combined with passion and positivity, to be a driving force for meaningful innovation.

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