#CTSM: Innovation In Clinical Trials

On this month’s #CTSM (Clinical Trials Social Media) Tweetchat we are discussing innovation in clinical trials.

Clinical trials—research studies involving people—test new therapies for cancer. A cancer clinical trial is the environment in which new cancer therapies are proven for their effectiveness. All medicines and treatments we currently use in the healthcare industry were once tested in a clinical trial after years of development in research labs. If not for this research process, we may not have Gleevec (sometimes used to treat Leukemia), the HPV vaccine, Avastin for non-small cell lung cancer, or Xalkori for ROS1 and ALK mutations—some of the best cancer treatment drugs available today.

As science and medicine have progressed, so has clinical trial design. It has evolved beyond the best-known, “Gold Standard” type of trial—Randomized Controlled Trials—to incorporate innovations from precision medicine and patient-centeredness.

Chat Topics:

T1. The Classic: Randomized Controlled Trials

T1. a. Moving Beyond Randomized Clinical Trials: What Is Behind The Push For Innovation?

  • Precision Medicine
  • Patient-Centerdness

T2. Innovation: Basket Trials #BasketTrials

T2. a. Example of a Basket Trial: NCI-MATCH #NCIMATCH

T3. Umbrella Trials: #UmbrellaTrial

T3. a. Example of an Umbrella Trial: LUNG-MAP #LUNGMap

T4. Innovation: Adaptive Trials #AdaptiveTrials

T4 a. Example of an Adaptive Trial: GBM Agile #GBMAgile

T5. Innovation: Patient Reported Outcomes


Please join us for this edition of the #CTSM chat, Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 9 PM Eastern!


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