#CTSM: Clinical Trial Awareness Week

The timing of this month’s #CTSM (Clinical Trials Social Media) Chat couldn’t be better: it falls during the third annual Clinical Trials Awareness Week. This week of awareness is hosted by the Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness, whose mission is:

“to advocate for the creation of a federally sponsored public awareness campaign to increase the public’s understanding of the benefits of clinical trials.”

This page on the Coalition’s website explains the pitfalls of a lack of awareness and understanding of clinical trials, and the benefits associated with the public’s better understanding of them.

Our chat is the third in a series of tweetchats about the topic this week.

First, the #BCSM (Breast Cancer Social Media) Community held their weekly chat on the topic of “Clinical Trials For Breast Cancer,” the transcript of which can be found here.

Then, the Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness (@CCTAwareness) and Empowered Patient Chat (@patientchat) held a special chat on the topic: “Can Digital Media Save Clinical Trials? #CTAW2017.” That transcript can be found here.

We hope you will join us to continue the conversation!

Chat Topics:

  • T1. Tell us about your understanding of #clinicaltrials for cancer — how did you learn about #clinicaltrials? And if so, what has made you aware of them?
    • T1a. What have you seen in the mainstream media about #clinicaltrials (for example, via ads or TV series, like a recent Grey’s Anatomy episode)?
    • T1b. What about online communities and social media? Have they contributed to your awareness of #clinicaltrials?
  • T2. Let’s dream up ideas to better raise awareness about #clinicaltrials for cancer.
  • T3. If you could make one change to the way #clinicaltrials work, what would it be?
  • T4. What’s the one thing you will do this week to raise awareness about #clinicaltrials?

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