Why don’t patients know how to access the breakthrough advances being made by genomic medicine?

Why can’t we use technology to transform how people access the service that matters most — cancer treatment?

These are the questions that kept us up at night.

Cure Forward is the vision of a small team in Boston, MA. We want to create a platform to connect patients with clinical trials, bringing the possibilities of precision medicine directly in reach. A way to use the best of technology to help people diagnosed with life-altering disease discover all their options.  We want to make it easy for patients to understand the root cause of their conditions and put the knowledge to work.

We felt making this happen was worth staying up all night.


Cure Forward icon for helping cancer patients learn about ther genetics and treatment options


We teach patients about molecular diagnostic testing, precision medicine and clinical trials. This is the first step for helping them understand what is happening in their bodies and potential treatment options.

Symbol for Cure Forward Community of Cancer Patients, Survivors, Mentors, & Caregivers


We connect patients with others just like them – down to the molecular level. Patients ask questions and get knowledge from survivors, patients and caregivers who share the same mutation behind their cancer.

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Clinical trials may be an important option in patient’s treatment plans but they are often hard to find. We reverse the search process and allow patients the opportunity to be seen by recruiters across the country. If there is a potential match recruiters reach out to the patients – it is the end of scouring the internet.


Frank Ingari, Cure Forward CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Martin Naley, Cure Forward Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Sean Bridgeo, Cure Forward Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Stacey Santo, Cure Forward Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
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Chief Medical Advisor
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Chief Technology Officer
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VP Business Development

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